Below are answers to the questions commonly asked about KoyaDocuTracker.

How do you access Koya DocuTracker?
AKoya DocuTracker is in the Microsoft Cloud. Azure Active Directory (AAD) will authenticate login credentials as you enter the application.
How secure is Koya DocuTracker?
ASecurity is the highest priority for the services we provide. Koya DocuTracker is periodically tested for vulnerabilities and reviewed for security compliance by a 3rd party. Azure was chosen as a cloud platform because of its advanced monitoring, detection, and reporting of risk events. All data and documents are encrypted (at rest) when stored in Koya DocuTracker. Our multi-tenancy solution isolates each customer’s data, and is only accessible with a customers (AAD) authenticated token.
Is Koya DocuTracker permission based?

Yes. Application permissions include but are not limited to the following:

•  Access to investment manager information, Access to fund information

•  View access to classes of agreements (e.g.  ISDA, EQ-PBA, MRA, etc.)

•  Edit access to classes of agreements (e.g.  ISDA, EQ-PBA, MRA, etc.)

•  Edit, archive, and delete documents

•  Edit notices

•  View NAV tests in reports

•  View termination events in reports

•  View saved reports

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